I've been having problems with the photos, because since the friend that took me the pictures is gone I can't find someone who can take me the pictures for the blog, so I though maybe I could make a post about my inspirations.
I can love I absolutely love fashion, although I can't say I can have the style I would like. Maybe because I'm scared what people could say about me, living in a small city can make this. But the truth is that since these last holidays I've changed. I'm more confident with myself and my style and everyday I'm being more brave on wearing what I love without worrying about what would people say. 
By the time I have to choose what would I wear I look into my inspiration  that lately have been Tumblr and the new app I downloaded from Vogue Paris. 
Looking at the pictures you can say I'm in love with Olivia Palermo, but how couldn't I? She's absolutely perfect, her style, her everything ! Hahahah For me OP is an inspiration and I can say that I admire her.
Something that inspires me a lot is not a person or a brand, is a city, Paris. I went to Paris one year ago and I felt in love. Is the most perfect city I've ever been to. Walking down the street, seeing the beautiful buildings, the style you can breath by everything is around you and the people. Is just -!
I'm looking forward coming back this year, after I graduate at my last year before University. 

I will try to take some pictures soon, if I can't let me know what would you like to see.

L xx


  1. Great post, Laura :) Your blog is very good!

    \ Indigo Lights

  2. Uuff estos post de inspiraciones son mis favoritos <3

    Un besito,

    P.D: SORTEO en mi blog una sudadera de OASAP, ¿te apuntas? :)

  3. Love the blog, I'm going to follow you ♥

    1. Thank you! (:
      I follow you through my other blog that is the one I use now -not sure i'm going to post anything else on this one. -

      Laura xx

  4. I'm trying to follow but It doesn't work do you havĂȘ GFC, so I can follow you by that ?


  6. nice pictures dear <3